Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Carny Fun

It's September and the quiet little town of Social Circle, Georgia has two long standing traditions for the month. The tour of homes which showcases several of the beautiful antebellum mansions in our town. The second is the arrival of the Fall Carnival at the Middle / High School. I'm guessing that it is a fund raiser for the school system, though I'm really not sure. They hang a huge banner across Main Street about a month ahead of its arrival - just to make sure that all the kids in town have plenty of time to amply badger their parents or MiMi's to death about it. You might think or pumpkins and candied apples and scarecrows and crafts. Maybe even funnel cakes or fried snicker bars when "fall carnival" is mentioned. Do not be deceived!

Social Circle Fall Carnival is actually the well traveled McNair Fair. Anyone within the state of Georgia is familiar with the site of it set up in shopping center parking lots. It travels the state year round draws large crowds nightly.  I pose this question to you though. Why would a school system engage a carnival for school nights? What about homework? Getting sufficient rest?

I had made it clear to my MS that I had no desire to go to the Carnival. She was welcome to go with a friend and I would see to it that she had money to attend. So, of course, she had it all arranged for the first night it was open. Home from school and off to the friend's house with assurances that she would be home by 7:30pm in plenty of time to do her homework and get to bed by 9:30.

Let me pause and ask myself, "did you really believe that was going to happen??"  At 7:30 she called to say that she had met up with friend #2 and her mother and was switching to them so she could stay longer. So now it is 9:30 and still no sign of my MS. Homework not done. I'm ready to go to bed.

My idea of a good time is absolutely not standing by the giant swing, singing "Wildfire" and yucking it up with the carny folk! :-)

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